About the photographer

I am conscious enough of my limitations in the use of written language not to try and describe myself here. I will therefore stick with the facts: I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987 and ever since I was very much drawn to science and technical issues, from engineering to computer science. Several years ago I found in photography a combination of technique, craft and art that has proven fascinating and therapeutic to me. I am still amazed by pictures every day.

About the photographs

Every photograph on this site is  © Gonzalo Sainz-Trápaga, and I reserve all rights to it. If you wish to use them for any purpose, be it commercial or not, please use my contact page.

About the equipment

Most pictures published here were captured using either Canon digital cameras (350D, 40D) or film cameras such as the Olympus OM2 and Olympus XA. You can find more technicalities on my Flickr profile page.

All digital processing was done using free software including The Gimp and UFraw on Ubuntu Linux.

About this website

The original idea for this website was to summarize in a friendly manner the huge photographic archive I have built over the last years. The pictures seen in this site are just a small selection of all the images I have published on the web during that period - most of them are on my Flickr page, where they are  carefully tagged by subject, equipment, film and geographic location.

With respect to the bits and bytes of this website, all I can say is I designed it in my free time and coded it in Python using the excellent Django framework. Whenever possible, W3C standards were followed therefore making this site both valid HTML 4.01 Strict and valid CSS.


Please, should you ever find a typographic or grammar error in these pages, do let me know about it.